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Inventory Management
Product Marketplace
Services Marketplace
Crew & Task Management
Sell your stuff
Crew Search
Watch Days
Practical Work Tools

Simplify your workload and improve your productivity

  • Inventory Management

    Keep Inventory synchronized with your vessel’s blueprint.

  • Product Marketplace

    Shop for products, know what you are getting.

  • Services Marketplace

    Find a service provider near you, get a quote, read reviews.

  • Accounting

    Scan receipts, keep records, save time

  • Crew & Task Management

    Keep priorities under control, manage crew’s activity.

  • Sell your stuff

    What your vessel doesn’t need another vessel wants it.

  • Crew Search

    Be social, share your skills, hire or get hired.

  • Watch Days

    Manage & swap watch days with your crew.

  • Inventory Management

    Locate and manage your Inventory, and replenish it with our stock functionality.

  • Products Marketplace

    Shop on the go and get your products delivered fast.

  • Services Marketplace

    Shop for services, request a quote, communicate via chat, read reviews.

  • Expense Records

    Organize your receipts, keep records, download expense reports.

  • Crew & Task Management

    Manage your vesselʼs activities, plan with crew, share tasks & Events

  • Sell your stuff

    Sell, buy, trade between yachts.

  • Crew Search

    Create a profile, share your CV and experience, look for crew or jobs.

  • Watch Days

    Add and manage crewʼs watch days

Become a Vendor

We connect you directly with the consumers of the yachting industry.